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Oh holy flying-cheese, a new journal entry~!
That was quick.

Hi there and welcome one. Maybe there are two? I can't tell, I lost my glasses. You ask, how do I see to write this letter then, I'll tell you - I see the thing I want to, and maybe at the moment I do not want to see you!
Weehehee~~ so much fun to write this stuff, anything and everything that comes to mind, while not even being abusive or violent at all~! Aah, good-good.
So, I live in Tartu now. It's a... what's the word for it? Kind? Well, everyone is kind here, it's a great city. Not all good, but mostly. I recommend it to good people, so not to disturb the balance of the city.
I live in a dorm. Well, that'll soon be history, 'cause I kinda got kicked out, I think. Not sure. Well, anyway, we ( me, girl nr 1. and girl nr 2,3.) found an apartment with a sauna and a bubbling-bath. Is that it? Bubbling bath? Jacccuuuzie? Maybe... a something, don't know the word. You know what I'm talking about.
You may ask why do I live in a dorm at tartu? Well, that's because I study there now. At Tartu Artschool. I really fit in. I feel good there. People are nice. TEACHERS ARE NICE THERE! I know teachers can be nice some times, but they have usually been robbed of their humanity... their souls are lost, or they just weren't that great to begin with. But here, teachers are great. They have spirit, they speak to you like human beings and you can talk to them like friends. Examples: 1. English class: We had to write about addictions and how we're dealing with them. I talked about sleeping, playing computer games and coloring my hair too frequently. When I say games, I say BioWare. I read what I had written and asked what my mark was. The teacher said "9". I said then that I could talk more. I talked more about games. The teacher then asked if I had played Star Wars: KOTOR I and I said "Yes! That was like the est game evar~!" (that's excactly how I said it, no sarcasm. Sush! So what, I'm a nerd, I dig nerds. Some nerds dig me... that's another story I won't dare to go to) And then the teacher said "And for that you get a 10."
2. General composition: (teacher to a 4th-year student, during grading): Well, the only thing I like about this job is this big magenta line under the year and season. Really! Because I always forget what year or season it is. Thank you. Now I know. (The poster and pamphlet were horrifyingly-badly done, honestly. Even cut and glued not right.)

Oh! Today, my mother actually liked a thing I wrote. She asked if it was really written by me and I said ofcourse, because why would I claim someone else's work? I wouldn't feel good about it, who would? You? Be honest, you're a monster if you think like that. An attention-whore... a sick-sick person... I'm ashamed of being a close-race to you (oh yeah, I'm not human. Take that area 51!). Where was I? Ah yes, mother liked it :3. Whatever it was, doesn't matter to you, 'cause my ego is up-up-up. (it was in estonian, so you'll never know.)

Back to the dorm stuff. Well, what's best about the apartment is that it's cheap and it's really close to the school. Oh yeah, and no rules... P:
We'll live in 1 room in the apartment. It's cheaper that way. We're acrually only renting the one room, but we can use the kitchen too. Oh, and the balcony. Yeees, quiet mornings while sipping coffee and sitting on the balcony await. It's going to be just lovely.

But... there are thing that I have done in my recent past that I'm not entirely proud of. Though, maybe I am. Yet again, I'm not sure. I've begun being doubtful of everything recently. The only time when I don't doubt or over-think is when I'm drunk. Oh yes, I drink now, at parties. I won't become an alcoholic nor a smoker. I do them occasionally, and that's a fact. I'll write about this a year later sayig "I'm totally F*cked Up!" probably. Probably! See, I'm doubting again. Or am I? I'm not sure! Aagh!
No, I won't. Maybe I'll be dead by then. No-one knows.

Cheerios and much tARTu to you all~!

Your Mereel Klemptre


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